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Cannabis topicals are a relatively new invention within the cannabis industry. As businesses learn more about how they can develop new and exciting products, we’re starting to see more things like THC lotion that can give our customers a lot of options for how they enjoy cannabis. If you don’t want to smoke, vape, or eat your cannabis, it may be worth exploring topicals to see if they appeal to you more. Check our dispensary menu to see any cannabis topicals that seem like a good fit for your specific needs.

What Are Cannabis Topicals?

There are a wide variety of cannabis topicals, including THC lotion, salve, and even bath oil. The type you ultimately choose will affect how you can enjoy it, but cannabis topicals generally work just like their non-infused counterparts. You already know what to do with THC salve if you’ve ever used a similar cream before. Just like companies can infuse lotions and bath oils with essential oils, these products have been infused with cannabinoids. The infused THC and CBD can be absorbed directly through your skin.

What Do Cannabis Topicals Do?

One of the most interesting things about cannabis topicals is that they give people a way to localize the experience of CBD and THC outcome. Smoking a joint, eating an edible, or vaping cannabis concentrate spreads the cannabinoids throughout the entire body, while topicals are concentrated on one specific area. If you buy THC lotion for your aching knee, you can put it directly on your knee and nowhere else. 

Transdermal THC patches and other types of concentrates can spread throughout the bloodstream when applied to areas with lots of blood flow. For the most part, though, people are looking to apply cannabis to a specific body part when they experience some of the following:

      • General Discomfort – Simply rub the lotion wherever you have irritated skin, sore muscles, or aching joints. 
      • Headaches – Some of our customers like to buy THC lotion and rub it into their temples because they have chronic or severe headaches. 
      • Skin Conditions – We’ve heard of people rubbing cannabis salves, creams, and related products onto various issues, including eczema, sunburn, rashes, acne, and cracked lips.

Types of Cannabis Topicals

Since you can put cannabis topicals exactly where you want them, there are various products suited for different purposes. Think about where on your body you want to apply cannabinoids, then choose a product that fits.

      • Some customers may buy cannabis cream for their lower back, while others may prefer to soak in a warm bath with some cannabis bath oil. 
      • Cannabis massage oil is also a popular choice, especially among couples who both appreciate the plant. 
      • Transdermal cannabis patches are starting to catch on because they release a steady flow of cannabinoids throughout the day.

Get Cannabis Topicals in Federal Heights at Green Sativa!

Green Sativa is your Federal Heights dispensary for all kinds of different topicals. Recreational and medical customers alike come to us from Thornton, Sherrelwood, Westminster, and all of the surrounding areas. We work with the leading vendors in Colorado to ensure that we always have premium cannabis topicals at affordable prices. 

The wide selection on our dispensary menu is only part of the reason you’ll like buying cannabis topicals from our team at Green Sativa. As soon as you come through our doors, you’ll be greeted by friendly cannabis professionals who can tell you all about the products on our dispensary menu. Shop our THC lotions and other cannabis topicals!

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