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Here at our cannabis dispensary in Federal Heights, the Green Sativa team prides itself on selling the best recreational and medical concentrates in Colorado. Our customers are always looking for better concentrates, so we keep plenty of options on our dispensary menu. All of these products offer high levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavor. Learn more about the types of concentrates and how they’re made to decide which is most appealing.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Concentrates are refined extracts with high levels of the most desirable components from cannabis plant material. Concentrates with high THC levels produce the effects of cannabis with a much smaller volume. Depending on how a concentrate is extracted, it may offer unusually high levels of terpenes in addition to the THC. These terpenes are responsible for the unique flavor of different cannabis strains, and they may also affect the way the body processes cannabinoids.

How Are Cannabis Concentrates Made?

Cannabinoids and terpenes can be isolated in a variety of ways. Kief and bubble hash are made by knocking trichome crystals free from cannabis flowers, while butane hash oils and other types of concentrates are produced using more scientific processes. Butane hash oils (BHOs) and propane hash oils (PHOs) use chemical solvents to flush organic compounds from cannabis plant material.


Once cannabinoids and terpenes are collected into a chemical solution, the solvent must be removed entirely. This is because propane and butane aren’t safe for human consumption. Here at Green Sativa in Adams County, we only sell cannabis concentrates that have been tested to confirm purity and THC potency.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Even among solventless concentrates and solvent-based cannabis concentrates, different products have their unique characteristics. Depending on the type you choose, you can expect different textures and flavors. The staff here at Green Sativa is dedicated to helping you find exactly the right type of concentrate by walking you through different options.

Hash and Kief

Hash and kief are by far the most popular types of solventless cannabis concentrates. Using processes like shaking the cannabis or putting it in an ice-water bath, we can break trichomes free from the rest of the plant material. These trichomes contain high levels of THC and other cannabinoids, so collecting them in this way yields a natural cannabis concentrate.


Wax is extracted using a solvent, then whipped to help release all of the solvents. This process gives it a softer consistency. It may be referred to as budder, badder, frosting, crumble, or honeycomb. It’s easy to work with because it’s soft and can be either added to flower or dabbed by itself.


Shatter is very similar to wax except that it is harder and translucent in appearance. It’s more difficult to work with because of its glassy texture, but it also keeps longer. Because this particular type of cannabis concentrate isn’t very flexible, most people like to use a dab tool and dedicated rig to vaporize shatter.

Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Cannabis vape cartridges are popular because of how convenient they are. They keep for a long time and can be enjoyed with a vape pen. You don’t need any other tools, so it’s easy to take cannabis vape cartridges with you. This is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates for beginners.

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