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How to Microdose Cannabis | Green Sativa

Almost everyone who enjoys cannabis has found themselves so high that it becomes unpleasant at some point or another. It happens to even the most experienced smokers, and most of us have had that feeling at least once. It can be wildly overwhelming and unpleasant, which kind of defeats the purpose of enjoying cannabis, especially if you usually smoke to relax.


Some people might get too high too fast because they ate too many edibles, thinking that the previous ones they ate weren’t kicking in. Then when everything finally does kick in, you find you’ve overdone it. Sometimes people get too high by smoking an entire pre-roll because they don’t want to waste it or by overdoing it the first time they try cannabis concentrates.


No matter how it happened, the experience of being way too high can make you want to never try cannabis again. That’s certainly an option, and it’s not for everyone. Others prefer to simply adjust how they consume cannabis, which is why microdosing cannabis has become so popular.


What Is Cannabis Microdosing?


Microdosing cannabis is all about taking things slowly and enjoying smaller amounts of cannabis. This seems to appeal to medical marijuana patients who buy cannabis for anxiety, stress, severe pain, chronic headaches, and similar situations. They want to enjoy the effects of cannabis without getting overwhelmed by the experience of becoming uncomfortably high.


In recent times, microdosing cannabis has become popular among recreational cannabis consumers as well. Many recreational cannabis customers like the way this plant makes them feel, but recognize that large amounts can be too much. Some of those people find that sticking with very small amounts of cannabis is the best way for them to get the most possible enjoyment out of the plant without becoming uncomfortable or overly intoxicated.


What Is a Microdose of Cannabis?


It’s generally accepted that 10 mg of THC is considered to be the standard serving, so anything below that could be called a “low dose.” Keep in mind that everyone’s experience of cannabis is different. For people with high THC sensitivity, one or two milligrams of THC might feel like a more appropriate cannabis microdose. For medical marijuana patients who usually consume very high amounts, the “standard” 10 mg serving might feel like a microdose.


Some products seem to have been explicitly made for microdosing, such as our cannabis edible hard candies that only contain five milligrams of THC per piece. If you’re interested in microdosing cannabis, products like this might be a good place to start, but you can really pursue cannabis microdosing with most products. We’ll cover more options a bit further down.


The main thing to remember is that you should be taking things slowly no matter which product you select. If you choose cannabis edibles, for example, we recommend waiting two full hours to ensure you’re experiencing the full effects before you eat any more. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises until you get a better idea of your tolerance and what an appropriate serving size of cannabis is for you.


Why Do People Microdose Cannabis?


So many people love microdosing cannabis because they say it makes them feel comfortable and generally good throughout the day. This is especially important when a higher amount of THC would lead to psychoactive or intoxicating effects that would make it hard to do what you have to do. For example, many of our medical patients say they like microdosing cannabis for their severe pain, nausea, muscle spasms, or other qualifying conditions on days when they still need to be productive. In other words, our customers say they like microdosing cannabis when they want relief without the sensation of being high.


How Cannabis Microdosing Works


The most critical step to microdosing cannabis is to figure out exactly how much THC you’re consuming. This will allow you to enjoy the amount you’re confident is appealing to you. If you don’t know exactly how much you’re consuming, there’s almost no way for you to create a consistent and predictable cannabis microdosing experience.


Once you know how to regulate your intake precisely, things start to seem easy. You’ll get a clearer idea of how much THC makes you feel the way you want to feel. You’ll know how long it takes for you to feel the effects of cannabis and how long those effects usually last. With all of that in mind, we recommend that you start by choosing a cannabis product that will make microdosing easier for you.


Best Products for Cannabis Microdosing


Some of our favorite products for microdosing are cannabis edibles. Many of them come in pieces with only five milligrams of THC per piece, which is great for those who enjoy microdosing cannabis. Another option is to get 10 mg edibles and bite them in half, though this is less exact and less accurate. While that might be alright for people who are very experienced with cannabis microdosing, it’s not ideal.


Smoking or dabbing can make it a lot harder to get a small and consistent dose. Some people have said that flower from a small chillum or one-hitter is ideal for them to enjoy cannabis microdosing. Others have said that a single draw off of their cannabis vape pen is ideal for them. That may work for you, but we definitely recommend against buying things like pre-rolls for cannabis microdosing because putting it out and relighting it a bunch of times will make it taste and smell bad.


Buy Cannabis Microdosing Products in Federal Heights

Here at Green Sativa in Federal Heights, our friendly budtenders can tell you all about cannabis microdosing. Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or a recreational cannabis customer, we’ll help you connect with products that appeal to you. Stop by to see us today, or place your order online for maximum convenience!

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