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A Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

The beauty of cannabis is its ability to evolve into a myriad of incredible options. Now there are so many viable ways to enjoy cannabis. There is burning flower, eating an edible, puffing a vape pen, dabbing, topical use, and more.

One of the most popular and fastest-growing methods of how people appreciate cannabis is called “concentrates.” You probably heard the term “shatter,” “wax,” or “dabs.” These are all terms to describe cannabis concentrates. Green Sativa in Federal Heights, Colorado, is determined to teach you a primer about the world of concentrates.

What Are Concentrates?

Simply put, concentrates are high-THC extracts of the cannabis plant of either sativa, indica, or hybrid. They can be heated and inhaled through a dab rig, called “dabbing,” or infused in a pre-roll or flower. They are sold by any dispensary and have many brands and consistencies. Concentrates are created by using a process to extract the THC content from cannabis itself. THC is the cannabinoid that gives consumers mild hallucinations and psychotropic experiences. CBD is another cannabinoid used to mellow out the intensity of THC. They work together to create a full-bodied effect called “the entourage effect.”Terpenes are also chemical compounds that are the aroma and flavor profile of the cannabis strain. The extraction process through butane or CO2 is used to coax the intense THC and aromatic terpenes out of the flower until they are concentrated into a bright yellow, waxy substance called concentrates.

What Effects Do Concentrates Have?

People love concentrates for the sole reason of having a higher-THC content and terpene profile. Concentrate, depending on its use, has a smoother and more flavorful hit. They are also relatively safer for you because there are fewer carcinogens than burning flower. The intensity of a dab or concentrate is powerful, though, so be responsible around machinery and don’t drive.

Types of Concentrates

Just as there are variants of cannabis, there are variants of concentrates too. Concentrates vary in their consistency and texture, which makes their purpose different too.


Shatter refers to the glasslike consistency as it falls apart. It is also one of the purest forms of cannabis and is quite popular.


Wax is a bright yellow nectar-type of concentrate. It usually needs to be handled with a dab tool after melting it with a torch. People love wax as a way to infuse a joint or drizzle over the top of some flower. It is honey-like in texture as well. Gooey wax is moisture-rich and also called budder. If it’s brittle, then it is called crumble.


Rosin, unlike the other concentrates, is solventless and made with heat and pressure. Golden and sappy, rosin lovers rave about it due to its higher terpene levels.


Tastier due to more terpenes and smoother, cannabis oil is found in a lot of vape cartridges. Vaping is a vastly popular way to have cannabis, and the oil is what is heated and inhaled. Oil is also used to make cannabutter or other edibles.

Concentrates Need to Be Stored Properly

Concentrates dry out quickly if overexposed and not temperature regulated. Place it on parchment paper, put it in a non-stick silicone container, or a container made from tempered glass. They’ll last longer and give you more to enjoy.

What Do I Look For When Purchasing Concentrates?

Since concentrates aren’t cheap and can be dangerous if they aren’t of good quality, it is important to differentiate what is best to buy. Green Sativa prides itself on high-quality concentrates in any form. Since we are a legal Colorado dispensary, our products must pass rigorous health tests to reach our shelves. Concentrates are usually sold in half-gram or full-gram containers or in a cartridge for vape pens.

Also, look for concentrates that are at least 80% THC. Many are north of 90%. You also want to have an isolate made with CO2 extraction. That ensures its quality. As far as price goes, concentrates lean on the expensive side. A high-THC gram can easily be 50 dollars. Dispensaries have different prices, though, so ask a budtender.

Green Sativa is Concentrated on You

We are dedicated to our loyal customers at Green Sativa in Federal Heights, Colorado. We want to make sure we have top-of-the-line products supplied and that everyone who walks through our door leaves happy. If you want concentrates, edibles, flower, or tinctures, stop by our convenient location today. You can also use our online ordering system or give us a call.

We look forward to seeing you!

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