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Beginner’s Guide to Concentrates

Concentrates are a hugely popular and more intense form of cannabis. Many people love concentrates and want to have that punch of high-THC, terpene-rich delight. You have most likely seen your friends pull out dab rigs before playing games, or seen a wax-infused pre-roll before. Both instances are types of concentrates and the fantastic ways they can be enjoyed.

We at Green Sativa pride ourselves on our finely cultivated hash and cannabis concentrates because we know all of Federal Heights, Colorado wants to have more for their time and money. Our medical/recreational dispensary sports a full array of waxes, shatter, diamonds, and live resin.

Let’s fire up and run you through:

-What concentrates are and what form do they come in?
-How much are concentrates and what equipment do I need?
-Why choose Green Sativa as my dispensary?

What Are Concentrates?

Concentrates, simply put, are everything about the cannabis plant except for the plant. What does that mean? Well, the reason cannabis has the psychotropic or other beneficial properties it does is because of two elements: cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that attach to receptors in your brain and produce their effects. Terpenes are the flavor and aroma profile of each plant that mingle with cannabinoids, called the entourage effect, to give you that relaxed feeling and recognizable scent. What companies do to make concentrates are: they harvest the plants (in our case, sativa) and immediately flash-freeze the dried flower. Then they process the plant in machines and distill it down into the concentrate. Concentrates are the dark yellow wax you see sold in dispensaries. They are the concentration of the terpenes and cannabinoids with no plant matter. This means the THC and terpene content is much higher. Even on the low end, concentrates are 50-60% THC but go up to the 90s.

It’s a fun, new way to enjoy cannabis and feel more of the effects. It comes in forms like shatter, butter, live resin, or extremely high-THC crystals called diamonds. There are many different ways to try concentrates.

Shatter: a brittle, glassy concentrate with a taffy-like consistency and an amber hue.

Budder/Badder: This form is softer and can be either dabbed or spread over joints and blunts.

Sauce/Sugar: While sauce and sugar have the same consistency and color, sauce is more crystalline.

Crystalline: Crystalline concentrates are tiny gems that are single cannabinoids like THC-A or CBD.

How Do I Enjoy Concentrates and What Do I Need?

As there are many types of concentrates, there are also a variety of uses too. Concentrates are melted to make cannabis butter for baked edibles, smoked through dab rigs, vaped, and dabbed. Dabs are consumed by melting down the wax and using a nail to put it in the heated well of a dab rig. The well is heated with a blowtorch beforehand and then the dab is inhaled through the rig. It’s powerful and a little bit steampunk. You can buy dab rigs, torches, vaporizers, nectar collectors, or live resin at most dispensaries or smoke shops.

Our budtenders can guide you through the process. Make sure to clean your equipment after use as well.

How Much Do Concentrates Cost?

Green Sativa’s products are affordable and we always have amazing deals, both medical and recreational. Concentrates range anywhere from 30 dollars for some resin upwards of 100 dollars for diamonds or high-end shatter. Feel free to check our menu online and order through our site too. You can pick it up in-store and we make it fast and easy. Remember to bring your ID if you are 21 and your medical card if you are 18. We want to make sure you can have classic sativa waxes without breaking the bank.

Turn to Green Sativa for Your Concentrate Needs in Colorado

Thank you for letting us teach you about concentrates. We are excited to help our first-time and returning patients. It is best to choose Green Sativa for your concentrate needs because we concentrate on your sativa needs. We are right across the street from King Sooper’s on 84th and Pecos. We are open 9am-11pm daily, serving the morning birds and the night owls. Give us a call or stop in and see why we are Colorado’s peak dispensary.

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